Full Tilt Kindle Fire Poker App

The Rational group has released the Full Tilt Kindle Fire poker app, providing players with the ability to play their favourite Poker games on the move. The Rational group are also the owners of Pokerstars, so you know you are dealing with a well trusted company who has lots of experience in the Poker circuit. However, due to Amazon’s strict rules on gambling and in line with Google’s official Google Play app marketplace, Amazon have also banned gambling apps from their Amazon App store. This means that you cannot download real money poker apps onto your Kindle Fire direct from the Amazon app store.

Fortunately, you can still play real money poker on your kindle by visiting Full Tilt website direct and installing from there. You may need to adjust your setting to enable you Kindle Fire to accept third party apps. This is quick to do and only needs to be completed once.

Setting up Kindle Fire to accept native poker apps

  1. Go to Settings > Device and enable Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources.
  2. Now browse to the Full Tilt website and you should automatically be prompted to install their native poker app.

However, it is easier to get started if you already have a poker login for the app that you are installing. You will find this a much quicker and easier process if you set this up via your laptop or desktop computer before installing the app onto your kindle. Just click on any of the links below from your computer and create a new account before installing the app. Then once installed you can sign straight in, claim your free gift and start playing poker!

And if it’s big value opening offers you are looking for, then you wont get much bigger than the $600 being offered as a new customer reward.

Full Tilt extra


full tilt kindle fire poker app screenshots

The bonus is done by way of 100% first deposit bonus. Your first deposit will be matched so be careful to consider how much to initially stick in to your account. Once you have made the deposit you will need to opt in to the bonus and then play regularly in order for your bonus to be released. Points can be earned both on the Full Tilt poker Kindle Fire app and on the desktop site. The bonus will be released in 10% increments as and when enough full tilt points are earned to trigger the bonus release. The bonus gets released at a rate of $1 for every 25 Full tilt points the player earns.

Once you have made your first deposit you will also be rewarded by automatically becoming an EDGE player for 100 days. This gives you rights to exclusive EDGE free roll tournaments. Keep your player spend average over 1 Full tilt point per day and you will maintain your EDGE status past the 100 day mark.

Full Tilt Kindle Fire poker app review

The Full tilt Kindle Fire poker app is designed with fast paced quick games that are designed to be perfect to play whilst on the move. A game can easily be squeezed in to a ten-minute work break or a fifteen-minute commute to work on the tube. The app runs smoothly and is very secure and the list of tables and types of games available are one of the most extensive we have seen on a mobile phone/tablet. The graphics look great and full screen graphics are available, even on the brand new Kindle Fire HD!

The Full tilt Kindle Fire poker app looks great, plays great and has the ability to keep you entertained for just five minutes or for hours depending on your circumstance. We would strongly recommend that if you are looking for a real money poker app for your Kindle Fire, to get this on the download list and to give it a try.