mFortune Poker iPad app

The mFortune Poker iPad app is now available to play for real money. The mFortune Poker iPad app cannot be found in the app store, but you can still get it straight to your iPad with our simple to follow instructions. Carry on reading to find out how and help yourself to a £5 free new customer reward to try the mFortune Poker iPad app without putting your hand in your pocket.

How to get the mFortune Poker iPad app

Step one will be to actually register for an mFortune account. Without this you cannot play on the app for either real or play money. We have made the sign up process easy for you by adding a link below where you will be directed to register for an account, claim your free £5, and also to download the app.


 Once you have clicked the link the process will prompt you to download the mFortune Poker iPad app and you will now be able to find this from your home screen. You will also receive a 100% matched first deposit up to the value of £100.

mFortune Poker iPad app screenshots

mfortune poker ipad app screens


mFortune Poker iPad app review

The mFortune Poker iPad app takes full advantage of the bigger screen, with colours seeming more vibrant and clearer than the iPhone version. You can play for real money or play money and you have the choice between low, medium and high stakes tables. You also get to customise your online profile with an avatar picture and nickname. This ties in well with the social features attached to the app. You can chat to anyone you are playing against and even send players gifts to welcome them to the table, congratulate a big win or to flirt with the opposite sex.

There are good custom options so you can configure a playing system that works well with your style. There are also excellent support functions attached to the mFortune app. There are not many apps that has a button where you can request a call from a support agent to help you with any problems you may be receiving with your mFortune Poker iPad app.

Our conclusion is that we were big fans of the mFortune Poker iPad app. We found this a much better experience than the iPhone version (you can also use the iPhone version on the same membership). The main reason for this is that everything is more spaced out on the iPad app compared to the iPhone version where things were bunched together. If you are looking for real money poker on the move for your Apple tablet in 2015, we would definitely recommend the mFortune Poker iPad app.