Pokerstars Spin and Go

Pokerstars spin and go

Play Pokerstars Spin and Go for your chance to win a supercar and other great Ronaldo prizes for free!

What are Pokerstars Spin and Go’s?

Each free-to-play Pokerstars Spin and Go tourney starts as soon as three players have registered to play, at which point a spinner in the middle of the table reveals the tournament prize. It could be anything from an All-in Shootout ticket, Cristiano Ronaldo DVD, ROC By Monster – Sport Black Platinum headphones, or TAG Heuer CR7 Special Edition watch, up to the supercar worth a staggering $450,000.

In addition to playing for free, you can also win even more great Ronaldo prizes, including up to $1 Million in cash, by playing Cristiano Ronaldo Edition $1 Million Spin & Go for only $0.50!

How you can play for free

  1. If you haven’t already done so create a free PokerStars account by clicking the button below.


  1. Open the Spin & Go lobby in the PokerStars desktop client or Mobile app.
  2. If you are new to PokerStars you can start playing free-to-play pokerstars Spin and Go’s immediately – you do not have to opt-in to this promotion. Pokerstars give all new players three shots at winning free prizes.
  3. If you are an existing PokerStars player (and opened your account before December 29, 2015) you will get one free shot at winning. Opt-in for your free entry ticket using Star Code ‘SPINFREE’ by clicking here.

Cristiano Ronaldo Edition Pokerstars Spin and Go Free-to-Play Prizes and Probability

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes you can win in Cristiano Ronaldo Edition Pokerstars Spin and Go’s, and the probability of hitting each prize tier.

1st Place Prize Item Value StarsCoin Value Frequency
Your choice of supercar $450,000 22,500,000 4 in 100,000,000
TAG Heuer CR7 Special Edition watch $1,840 92,000 4,167 in 100,000,000
ROC By Monster – Sport Black Platinum headphones $385 19,250 8,333 in 100,000,000
Ronaldo Documentary DVD $30 1,500 2,083 in 100,000,000
Spin & Go All-in shootout Ticket 99,985,413 in 100,000,000

How to redeem your prizes

All-in Shootout Tickets: If you win a Spin & Go All-in Shootout ticket, it will be issued to your account immediately, and it can be used to enter any ‘Spin & Go All-in Shootout’ tournament (played daily at 08:17 ET and 14:17 ET until February 21, 2016).

Each ‘Spin & Go All-in Shootout’ will award 2,048 Cristiano Ronaldo Edition $1 Million Spin & Go tickets worth $0.50 each.

  • PokerStars tip: Register for an All-in Shootout with the least amount of players for the best chance of winning. You don’t even need to be present to take part in an All-in Shootout, as all players who have registered in advance using their ticket will be all-in every hand until we crown the winners.

Please Note: Pokerstars Spin and Go All-in Shootout tickets issued, and $1 Million Spin & Go tickets won in the All-in Shootouts, will expire at 23:59 ET on February 21 if unused.

Cristiano Ronaldo Prizes: If you win any of our great Cristiano Ronaldo prizes then you will need to redeem any item(s) won in the VIP Store, via the in-store category ‘Spin & Go Prizes’ (available until February 25).

To redeem any item(s) won you will need a voucher code – which is listed in the item description text in the VIP Store – plus StarsCoin which will be issued to your account within 72 hours of winning the prize. The number of StarsCoin credited to your account is listed in the above table.

If you do not want to redeem the item won, you can choose to spend your StarsCoin on anything in the VIP Store such as PokerStars items, cash or tournament tickets. If you choose to purchase anything but the item won the value of your StarCoin is 50% of the item’s cash value. For example, if you if you win a supercar valued at $450,000 and choose to use your StarsCoin by buying cash from the ‘VIP Cash Rebates’ category, then you will receive $225,000 in cash.

Playing on Mobile? The VIP Store on our PokerStars Mobile App has differences compared to the full desktop version of our software. Due to these differences, VIP Store item purchases are not possible when using a mobile device and can only be performed using the desktop client. You will need to download and install PokerStars on your computer to make VIP Store purchases. Even if you cannot redeem your item, you can choose to use your StarsCoin to purchase cash and tournament tickets via the Mobile app.