PKR iPhone app

PKR2The PKR iPhone app is the first ever 3D real money poker app to hit the app store, making it stand out from the rest. The app is available to those with either an iPhone 3GS, future models running on iOS 5.0 or the 5th generation iPod touch.

When new users sign up to the PKR app, they will be sure to enjoy an array of welcome bonuses to choose from. These range from £10 free play using code ‘PKR£10’ to a 200% first deposit bonus using code ‘200PKR’.

How to get the PKR iPhone app

Before you can download the  app and use it to play poker for real money you must first sign up for a PKR account. You can do this very easily simply by clicking the link below.


PKR iPhone app screenshots

PKR iphone app gameplay PKR iphone app tables

PKR iPhone app review

This excellently designed app is by far the best looking and sounding of all the real money poker apps available in the app store. There is something a little different to the PKR iPhone app that puts it just that little bit above the rest. There are a variety of options for players to pick between, such as adjusting the camera angle to suit each and every person’s specifications.

Personal options also come in the form of 3D avatars. There are 40 characters to pick from. Once you have picked your avatar, there is the option to stress different emotions through the emoticons menu, adding a little fun and excitement to the game. Lost a round? Show players a sad face. Won the game? Express your happiness with a smiley.

As well as these amazing features there are 20 gaming environments to choose from. Each will give you a completely different gaming experience. In terms of the games themselves, the PKR iPhone app offers a great collection, including Texas hold’em, Omaha and Omaha hi/lo.

There are also sit and go’s and ring games available for all users. There is the added feature of animated chip tricks to keep you occupied when your hand is not being played. As well as this, there is the interactive option to chat to other players.

All this attention to detail makes this a truly sensational and innovative app. It is safe to say that if you are looking for a high quality, well created casino app, then you should opt for the PKR iPhone app.