Unibet iPad Poker App

The Unibet iPad Poker app has finally passed the developmental stages and is now fully functional and available in the Apple app store. In order to download the app, you need to create a new player account which you can easily do via the link below.

On sign-up, new players will receive a generous £10 completely free gameplay to try out the full features of the Unibet iPad Poker App before deciding to play with any of your own cash. Furthermore, once decided to play with your own money, Unibet will 100% match your first deposit bonus up to the value of £500!

How do I get the Unibet iPad Poker App?

Once registered, you can download the Unibet iPad Poker App directly from the Apple app store via the store icon on the homepage on your iPad. This process is much simpler if you have already created a new player account via this link above.

Unibet iPad Poker App Screenshots

The Unibet iPad Poker App gives excellent enhanced graphics and makes for very easy playing.

Unibet iPad Poker App

A very nice feature of the Unibet iPad Poker App is that you can change your identity up to 3 times a day which is great if you feel an opponent has worked out your game play. There are 100s of enhanced graphical avatars to choose from, as you can see from the screenshot below.


In addition, users of the Unibet iPad Poker App also benefit from these great innovative features in the palm of their hands:

•    Change your identity up to three times a day – great if your opponent knows how you play
•    Choose from over 100 avatars with modern graphics
•    Show off your prowess, earn over 40 achievements
•    Pick your game type and stakes in their brand-new quick seat lobby
•    Enjoy regularly-updated missions and promotions

All in all, a great poker app, one of the best for overall functionality of the Apple iPad.