Unibet poker app


The Unibet Poker app is finally released and now available to download from the app store. However, for android devices, the Unibet poker app is only available for use via a tablet device and is not yet fully developed for mobile gameplay.

How to get the Unibet poker app.

In order to download and enjoy the online mobile gameplay experience provided by the Unibet poker app, you first need to be a registered Unibet Player. You can join Unibet directly by clicking on the link below.


Once registered, your account will be credited with a free £10 gameplay for you to try out the Unibet poker app before deciding if it is the right app for you and that it is fully functional with your device. Once you have decided to play for real money, depositing money into your Unibet poker app will be rewarded with a full 100% matched deposit for new players.

For a more detailed review of the Unibet Poker app, see our dedicated Unibet pages by clicking on the links below.

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Unibet Poker app details.

The Unibet poker app has some great features that are unique to this app. For example, you can change you identity up to three times a day which is great if your opponents figures out how you play. There are over 100 different avatars to chose from, all which enhanced modern graphics. Other great features include:

  • The Unibet app will not be a dulled down version of the desktop site. Everything available on the desktop site will also be available from the Unibet app
  • Games will be much softer, meaning you should be able to win more naturally.
  • There will be no table selection option so experienced high rollers cannot target recreational players.
  • Mobile phone app release date expected to be 10th March 2014 with the tablet app released a few weeks later.
  • A dedicated native app from the app store will be available for iPhone and iPad users.
  • Speed games will be available – designed for people on the move.
  • Customisable 3D backgrounds such as a jet plane or LAs Vegas Casino.
  • Tournament options will be available on the Unibet poker app.
  • Texas and Omaha styles both available on the Unibet Poker app.